Gabriel D'Elia is a promising American self-taught emerging artist, with Argentine and Italian roots, based in Washington DC and New York. His modern and urban art is varied: sometimes dense in details, but never overloaded, sometimes minimalist, without being boring. The works of Gabriel D'Elia have a great sense of humour and invite to a detailed contemplation of the the world that surrounds us. Gabriel D'Elia masters both the use of black and white, as well as the primary colours. If the work of the artist is varied, more so are the type of formats used, some as surprising as punching bags, clocks, pencil cases, without forgetting the covers of CDs and books, the result of collaborations with cultural entities around the United States. Bold, surprising and modern: below you will find some of the works of Gabriel D'Elia for sale at Gaudifond Arte.

Gabriel D'Elia contemporary yellow painting drinking man hangover Gaudifond Arte
Gabriel D'Elia - Hang over face
Acrylic on canvas.  45.5 x 56 cm
500 euros

Gabriel D'Elia contemporary red painting drinking man Gaudifond Arte
Gabriel D'Elia - Unarmed and lethal
Acrylic on canvas.  56 x 45.5 cm
500 euros

Gabriel D'Elia contemporary white painting drinking man Gaudifond Arte
Gabriel D'Elia - Tres más
 Mixed techniqueAcrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas. 101.6 x 76 cm
1300 euros

Gabriel D'Elia contemporary black and white painting Gaudifond Arte
Gabriel D'Elia - Deja de tomar 
Mixed technique. Acrylic paint, thin point acrylic marker and chalk on canvas. 122 x 91.5 cm
Price on request

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