Excellent portraitist of the female form, S.M Félez's work is based on eroticism and sexual energy combined with the representation of objects that convey a strong component of social criticism, if not transgression. An acquaintance of Dalí, Miró, Cuixart, and of course Fernando Arrabal who asked him, along with Jodorowsky, to be part of the Movimiento Pánico (Panic Movement), Félez is very critical of system and conventions. But S.M Félez's work would not be very relevant without his superb Hyperrealistic technique, his stylized stroke and his concern for detail, all aspects that make his art stand out, with works that deserve attention and reflection. These are the works of art by S.M Félez for sale at Gaudifond Art.

S.M. Félez pintura surrealista hiperrealista perro calle dandy
S.M Félez - El dandy
Acrylic on canvas. 92x73 cm
1400 euros 

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