Of Colombian origin, Willy Ramos is one of the most sought after artists of our time. His still life works are exhibited in twenty-five museums around the world and, from the time of his first exhibition in 1971, he has exhibited his paintings more than eighty times across Spain, and in cities like Tampa (Florida), Chicago, Toronto, Dublin, Milan, Frankfurt, Basel, Marbella, Milan and Toulouse, as well as at international fairs such as ARCO, ARTBO, Art Toronto, Pinta Londres, Art Miami and Art Madrid, and many more. Featured below are Willy Ramos’s still lifes lithograph that are available for sale at Gaudifond Arte.

litografía, Willy Ramos, arte barata, bodegón
Willy Ramos - Bodegón 'Still life'
Silk Screen. 70x50 cm
140 euros

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