iluminatela: Illuminated paintings

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iluminatela: Illuminated paintings

iluminatela is a Spanish artist whose works seek to convey, through games of lights, fabrics and colors, the various personal ideas and related to travel, people and moments. Her creative process begins in a phase of choosing fabrics, where many times the fabrics choose her. She then looks for change in them through play of light and volume to generate new perspectives in a constant search for beauty and harmony with novel and beautiful ideas. iluminatela's work has been exhibited in Madrid and will soon be in New York and Palma de Mallorca. Get the original work of iluminatela!

Iluminatela bananas cuadro
iluminatela - Bananas 
Mixed technique. Canvas and light bulb. 50x45 cm
800 euro

Iluminatela técnica mixta terciopelo
iluminatela - En la selva bajo del sol
Mixed technique. Wallpaper, velvet, brass and light bulb. 70x46 cm
1000 euro

Iluminatela cuadro primavera
iluminatela - Primavera
Mixed technique. Canvas and light bulb. 50x60,5 cm
1000 euro

iluminatela - Escenas de la vida
Mixed technique. Canvas and light bulbs. 27x80 cm
1200 euro

Iluminatela  técnica mixta bombilla
iluminatela - Cala esmeralda iluminada
Mixed technique. Various fabrics, rope, old glass buoys, light bulb. 61x77,5 cm
1500 euro

Iluminatela técnica mixta
iluminatela - Mármol
Mixed technique. Venetian fabric, light bulb. 100x65 cm
1600 euro

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