Art as decoration for businessess

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Art as decoration for businessess

Making a difference with regard to your competition is, by definition, a necessity for any business. Especially if your business is public facing, whether it be a hotel, a serviced apartment, a holiday apartment, a rural house, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a bar, an office, a law firm, a consultancy suite, an architect studio or a notary office. In all cases, it is a priority to promote one of the indispensable and fundamental tools to achieving this business objective: decoration. To this end, it’s common for great amounts of money to be invested, but very often something as fundamental as what is hanging on the walls is neglected. The entrepreneur often settles for reproductions or banal posters.

Contrary to what is usually accepted, decoration with original artworks does not generate an enormous expense but only a modest investment that offers great added value and is an attractive differentiating element to current and potential clients. At the same time, it enhances the room and office and contributes to creating a more pleasant working environment among employees.

Let's see why with some examples of design with artworks in different types of businesses:

Artworks to decorate a Hotel

Cómo decorar un hotel con obras de arte Gaudifond
Decoration of the St Regis Hotel in Singapore

The decoration and general look of a hotel are fundamental factors for its success. Recent studies show that images can change the mentality of a potential client and be a determine factor in making a reservation.

The decoration and the quality of those environments that form part of the customer experience while at the hotel are essential to making customers feel satisfied, positively value their stay, remember their visit and recommend it to others. Providing customers with the unforgettable experience of relaxing in dreamlike premises surrounded by artworks does not at all imply a million-dollar investment. Unique graphic works such as lithographs, engravings or screen-prints can be found at very affordable prices - less than 300 euros.

Decoración tradicional de un hotel con obras de arte Gaudifond
Decoration at the Rosewood Hotel in Vancouver
Decoración exclusivo de un hotel con obras de arte contemporáneas Gaudifond
Lobby at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in London with contemporary works

Art as decoration for a restaurant or coffee shop

Decoración de cafes, bares y restaurantes con obras de arte Gaudifond
Modern space in the Union Cafe in Southwark
The distinct look of any place becomes more relevant in those establishments where people go expressly to spend their free time. In restaurants, decoration creates an atmosphere where the customer feels like they are part of the experience of eating, drinking and enjoying the place, usually accompanied by friends, family or colleagues. It is well known that many agreements and businesses are woven in restaurants and coffee shops, and this is why it is essential to create a comfortable atmosphere. For this type of business, the choice is so wide that you can use paintings of any theme and genre as long as they match the style you want the place to have.

Decoración elegante de restaurantes con obras de arte Gaudifond
Decoración del Restaurante Tschuggen en Suiza
Decoración de restauantes con cuadros y obras de arte Gaudifond
Decoración del Tart Restaurant en Los Angeles

Artwork for decorating studios and offices

Decoración elegante de depachos con obras de arte Gaudifond
Classic decoration for a private studio
Art provides clues about the culture, quality and integrity of a company. So the company should look at how it wants to be perceived by its employees and customers. What will someone think of going into a particular business and seeing photos of New York that are printed in their millions or banal commercial posters related to leadership, group motivation, or teamwork hanging on the walls?

Art increases visual cues. For example, a law firm that engages in international business should choose to reflect this activity and the scope with art. Art is an effective brand tool: an appropriate piece can support the corporate identity of the company, its history, its values ​​and its mission, as well as accentuating the use of space.

In the case of large open and collaborative areas, art is used to break up and define a space. The chosen works are large and are usually placed in a focal point, while in smaller spaces it is advisable to use several pieces of different sizes. As for private areas such as offices that require privacy, a well-chosen work promotes relaxation, helps one to disconnect and distracts the mind when necessary, allowing a person to dedicate a few moments to contemplation and calm.

Decoración moderno de oficinas y despachos con obras de arte contemporáneas Gaudifond
Contemporary decoration in the FOX Architects office in New York
Decoración para empresarios con obras de arte Gaudifond
Fusión de tradición y minimalismo en el despacho The Office Group en Londres

Decorating a business, study or office with works from Gaudifond Arte

We at Gaudifond Arte want to contribute to the success of your business, convinced that there is only one opportunity to make a good first impression. We offer a broad art collection of more than 5000 original works in a great range of styles, from classic to contemporary pieces, for all budgets, whether to purchase or to lease, and 47 years of experience. If you need information on how to boost your business, please contact us and we will be happy to offer you obligation-free advice.

Finally, if you want to decorate your home or just one room (dining room, living room or bedroom), you will find all kinds of information on interior design here and more ideas for decorating your home with art here.

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