Decoration ideas with works of art

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Decoration ideas with works of art

A work of art is, above all, an extension of its owner’s personality. A person who enjoys art does not choose a piece by accident or for its commercial value, but because of the meaning they find in the work and what it conveys to them. It is an intimate relationship that becomes even more important when the work of art is destined for their home - a private space par excellence.

What does art bring to the home

Cómo diseñar el interior de una vivienda con arte
A modernist work of art by Cossió del Pomar in a minimalist space
Because art injects personality into the atmosphere, enhances interior design and adds value to the environment. Since the painting will mark the focal point of the space it is placed in, it is important to choose the correct location, to place it in full view so that it stands out and can be admired by oneself and visitors alike. Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and transit spaces, such as a hallway or entrance hall, any space within the house is good for exhibiting works, but the works won't have the same meaning or strength in all environments.

A modern space without pictures or paintings can feel cold and empty
Cómo decorar un hogar con arte
The same space with a nude by Glauco Capozzoli, an informalist work by Manuel Viola and four drawings by Glauco Capozzoli
Another empty space
Cómo decorar un espacio con arte de Modest Cuixart
The same space featuring the work "Sexe lliure" by Modest Cuixart
In general, it is recommended that pictures be hung at eye level, -approximately 1.65 cm of the ground-, although this can depend on the measurements of the work of art; if it is very large, it is advisable to hang it lower. If we have a large picture, it is preferable to hang it alone with nothing around it so that no other decorative element can take from its value or importance, and it can be admired at the right height undisturbed. If, on the contrary, we want to hang several small works, it is better to group them together by theme.
Cómo decorar un dormitorio con arte
A bedroom without any artworks
Cómo decorar un dormitorio con arte
The same bedroom with the "Clock Triptych" by Glauco Capozzoli
Another important suggestion is to choose proper lighting. The works of art need good lighting to stand out. Halogen lamps in the ceiling, fixtures or spotlights that have soft and punctual lights are highly recommended as long as they have matte bulbs that avoid the reflection of nearby natural lighting.

A livingroom with surrealist and abstract works by Jan Van Der Loo and Ben Yessef, and a sculpture by Ramón Conde

Below we will show you some decorating ideas for the different spaces of a home with works of various styles, sizes and budgets.

Works of art to decorate a living room or kitchen

The living room is, next to the dining room, the room where most social moments take place. In many homes, especially small ones, the living room and the dining room are one room, and in general, regardless of their size, the living room and dining room are usually contiguous. The living room is usually home to the most important works of art in the house, the ones that owners want company to see and those that can lead to conversations. Likewise, depending on the size of the room, the chosen works can be constituted by several pieces, or combine different formats, such as sculpture or painting for example. If you only opt for frames, it is best to place a large one in the middle of the wall and several small ones around it. Regarding the nature of the works, these can be on any subject as long as there is a balance maintained amongst them all. Here are some rooms decorated with works of art.

Gaudifond Arte: diseño de interiores con una obra de arte surrealista de Gervasio Gallardo
Leda and the swan”, surrealist work by Gervasio Gallardo
Gaudifond Arte: 'Rosario Preñada' de Modesto Roldán
'Rosario Preñada', graphic work of nudes by Modesto Roldán
Gaudifond Arte: diseño de interiores con obras de arte
Combination of surrealist graphic works and portraits by José Marí, Modest Cuixart, Carles Planell and Glauco Capozzoli
Gaudifond Arte: diseño de interiores con obras de arte del artista catalán Eduard Alcoy
'Poma IV' and 'Conversa', surrealist works by Eduard Alcoy 
Gaudifond Arte: diseño de interiores con obra arte Juan Navarro Ramón
Landscape in Altea III”, 20th century traditional by Juan Navarro Ramón
Salón con acuarelas de 'Fen mitja' y 'Fulla' Isidro Ventura
'Fen mitja' and 'Fulla', minimalist watercolours by Isidro Ventura

Works of art to decorate a dining room

As we have said before, it is very common for the dining room and the living room, spaces shared with partners, family and friends, to be open plan, but it is also common for the dining room to be integrated into the kitchen. In this case, or if the space is small, it is recommended that the pictures or graphic works are minimalist or discrete enough so as not to interfere with the environment, and that they are protected behind glass to avoid getting dirty or spoilt by the fumes of the kitchen. Below are some examples of dining rooms and kitchens decorated with artworks.

Gaudifond Arte: diseño de interiores con obra de arte de Enric Pascó i Ticó
'Cordillera del camino', contemporary painting by Enric Pascó i Ticó
Decoración de comedor con obras de arte de Hernández Pijuan
'Abstract I' and 'Abstract II' by Joan Hernández Pijuán
Gaudifond Arte: diseño de interiores con obra de arte de Antonio Patiño
'Flor', figurative painting by Antonio Patiño
Gaudifond Arte: diseño de interiores con una obra de arte surrealista de Gervasio Gallardo
'The Last Spring', a surrealist work by Gervasio Gallardo

Works of art to decorate a bedroom

The bedroom is, along with the bathroom, the most intimate part of a home. Designed for relationships and comfort, it is very important to decorate it properly to feel calm and serene. We can play with the colours of the walls, the textures, with the lighting and also with decorative elements that reflect our personality. It is advisable to opt for soft and/or neutral tones with cream or greys on the walls that contrast and enhance our pictures. The work of art, if there is only one, is usually hung above the bed, where it is less intrusive, or in directly in front of it, although you can choose both options or combinations of several works as shown below

Gaudifond Arte: diseño de interiores con obra de arte de Enric Pascó i Ticó e Iris Lázaro
Expressionist works by Enric Pascó i Ticó and surrealist painting by Iris Lázaro
The dream, naive painting by Sally Weintraub
Abstract work by Perecoll

Works of art to decorate a bathroom or toilet

A well-chosen artwork will allow the bathroom to move from being a merely functional space to becoming a more pleasant and relaxing place. The areas around the sink or bathtub are the most common spaces to hang artwork. As in the rest of home, the possibilities are endless. You can place a single large table over the tub or sink, or on the contrary, create eclectic sets by combining multiple pieces. Another option is, instead of hanging them, place medium-sized paintings on a stand and mix them with sculptures on a shelf. Nor should we forget to protect the work from humidity and temperature changes. For this, glass is the best ally; it acts as an air chamber keeping paper or paint isolated and protected. These are our proposals for decorating bathrooms with works of art.

Decoración del cuarto de baño con obra de arte de Glauco Capozzoli
'Reflexión', watercolour by Glauco Capozzoli
Decoración del cuarto de baño con obra de arte paisaje de Emiliano Garcia Tur
'Banyoles lake', landscape by Emiliano Garcia Tur
Decoración del cuarto de baño con obra de arte geisha de Francisco Suñer
'Red Geisha', figurative painting by Francisco Suñer

Works of art for businesses and more interior design ideas

If you are looking for art to decorate a business (office, studio, coffee shop, hotel, bar, restaurant, etc.), you will find it here. To choose specific works of art for your desired room please visit our link interior decoration with works of art. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to get back to you.

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