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Gaudifond Arte Presentation


A unique collection of 5000 modern works of art

In October 1971, García Márquez and Salvador Dalí inaugurated Sala Gaudí Barcelona, the “most extensive and the first gallery in Spain that coordinates a number of cultural activities aimed at achieving better human coexistence,” described art critic Carlos Areán.
inauguration Salvador Dalí Gaudifond arte Sala Gaudí
Inauguration by Salvador Dalí and Carlos Areán

Sala Gaudí was “a blessing for a city like Barcelona where there was no cultural centre, no place to see an exhibition, no museum except the newly opened Museo Picasso, and no serious attempt to integrate different types of art nor to offer support to new artists". For over thirty years, exhibitions of artists from every continent featuring graphic works by Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Max Ernst, Hartung, Man Ray, Matisse, Foujita, Saura and Millares took place in Barcelona, as well as  concerts, debates, conferences, theatrical performances, readings and presentations of books written by Rafael Alberti, Mario Vargas Llosa, Julio Cortázar and García Márquez. Our collection of more than 5000 works was exhibited in galleries across the globe, from Japan to the United States, and was shown at many of the major international art fairs, including Basel.

Gaudifond Arte: Three generations of passion for art

After three generations, the family business Sala Gaudí changed its name to Gaudifond Arte, transforming itself into an exclusively online gallery. A fusion of tradition and avant-garde that encompasses the most important artistic movements, on this website we provide a sample of our 5000 original works of art collection for sale, as well as the knowledge and experience of our specialized, multilingual and professional team. In addition to our core business of selling artwork from our private collection, we offer consulting and other services led by our team of experts in collaboration with external institutions, and we also create  broad range of design ideas using unique pieces.

You will find more information in our press dossier, or of course, by contacting us directly.

Directors of the Collection & Gallery

Asociación Cultural A-71
Galería Tres Puntos, Barcelona
Galería Bonanova, Barcelona
Sala Gaspar. Barcelona
Sala Pino. Barcelona
Setdart. Barcelona
Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona
Galería Tertre. Mataró
Museo Municipal de Mataró
Museo de Granollers
San Lucas. Mataró
Sala Articolor. Vich
Galería Cop d’Ull. Lleida
Galería Sant Jordi. Girona
Galería “4 Cantons”. Olot, Girona
Galería Jaime III, Palma de Mallorca
Arte Galería Covarsi. Arenys de Mar
Sala Trece. Banyoles
Galería Set i Mig. Alicante
Galería 11. Alicante
Museo Monjo, Vilassar de Mar
Galería Cortabit Arte. Soria
Galería Rua. Santander
Galería Kandinsky. Madrid
Galería Prisma. Madrid
Mayte Muñoz, Madrid
Galería Lucas. Gandía, Valencia
Galería Punto. Valencia
Galería Siena. Valencia
Sala Gastón. Zaragoza
Palacio de Lonja. Zaragoza
Galería Berdusan. Zaragoza
Monasterio de Veruela. Zaragoza
Museo Monjo, Vilassar de Mar
Galería Park 15. Pamplona
Museo de Teruel
Museo Muñoz Sola de Arte Moderno,
Galería Kamp. Amsterdam
Galleria Steltman, Amsterdam
Galería Luka, Boehout, Bélgica
Galerie d’Art Helof. París
Palais Palffy. Viena, Austria
Cooperativa San Alberto. Bologna
Dürnau, Alemania
Galería Kunst und Psyche. Colonia
Galería Bruzzone. Montevideo
Galería U. Montevideo, Uruguay
Galería Atica. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Galería Rafael Monasterios. Maracay
Galería Nova Terra, Bogotá
Galería Alfred Wild, Bogotá
Gaiería Art Consul, Panamá
Kubota Gallery. Tokío, Japón
Center Gallery. Yokohama, Japón
Old Jaffa Gallery, Israel
Ibercaja, Zaragoza
Caja de Ahorros Laietana. Barcelona
Caja de Barcelona
Caja de Ahorros Laietana. Mataró
Art Expo. Barcelona
Feria Internacional de Arte de Basilea
Feria Internacional de Arte, Miami
Feria Internacional de Arte, Bogotá

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