Whether to scale or a miniature, light or heavy, abstract or realistic, pre-Columbian or contemporary, created by world-famous artists or by other upcoming artists, in bronze, plaster, iron, marble, stucco or clay, for interiors or the great outdoors, and with something to suit all budgets, you will find a broad range of original sculptures on Gaudifond Arte. All the sculptures presented here are periodically updated, and are delivered with a certificate of authenticity. 

Salvador Dalí escultura, Museo Dalí escultura bronce
DALÍ, Salvador
Anglés Francesc escultura, Museo Dalí escultura yeso
ANGLÉS, Francesc
Ramón Conde escultura, artista gallego, escultura barro, bonce
CONDE, Ramón

Hortensia Ladeveze escultura bronce
LADEVEZE, Hortensia

Cerámicas amazonicas, ucayali, shipibo
UCAYALI, Cerámica Shipibo
Perecoll escultura bronce, artistes catalans
PERECOLL, Pere González i Coll
Pablo Serrano escultura bronce

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