Art for decoration - Bathroom and toilets

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Art for decoration - Bathroom and toilets

No matter the size of a bathroom or a toilet or its finishes touches, there will always be a work of art that contributes to reinforce the calm and intimate atmosphere to turn a restroom into something more than a merely functional space. The work of art should be protected  with a glass frame in order to prevent it from being damaged by humidity or changes in temperature. Here are some ideas to decorate your bathroom, toilet or restroom with original works of art, as well as a list of confirmed artists whose works, of wide thematic, styles and sizes, is within reach of all pockets. If you wish to see your own bathroom and toilets decorated with works of art, please contact us and we will create, free of cost, a virtual simulation for you.

Decoración aseo baño Gregorio Sabillón pintura surrealista desnudo

Gregorio Sabillón - Desnudo - Estudio nº1
Decorar aseo con obras de arte litografía desnudo Modesto Roldán
Modesto Roldán -Nuit

Decoración del cuarto de baño con obra de arte geisha de Francisco Suñer
 Francisco Suñer - Geisha roja

ALAMÁN, Agustín
ALONSO, Cristina

MIRÓ, Antoni
GALLARDO, Gervasio


RIFÁ, Joan
ROLDÁN, Modesto
PATIÑO, Antonio

Do you need help choosing a work of art for your bathroom, toilets or restroom? Do not miss our post decoration ideas with artworks. Do you still have questions? No problem! Contact us and we will be happy to get back to you.

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