Pedro Soler: Figurative paintings

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Pedro Soler: Figurative paintings

From Philadelphia to Rome, through Paris or the prestigious International art fair Art Basel, the figurative paintings of Pedro Soler have been exhibited in numerous individual and collective exhibitions. Portraits of trumpeters, guitarists, violinists and jazz musicians, when not of nudes, Pedro Soler's range of subjects is very extensive, and appear in warm and peaceful environments conveyed through his use of bright colours. These are the figurative works by the Andalusian painter Pedro Soler Valero for sale at Gaudifond Arte.

Pedro Soler - Alvin
Watercolour on paper. 23x21cm

400 euros

Pedro Soler - José 
Watercolour on paper. 23x21 cm
400 euros

Pedro Soler -  Juanjo
 Watercolour on paper 23x21 cm
400 euros

Pedro Soler - La cocina 'In the kitchen' 
Watercolour on paper. 31x23 cm
450 euros

Pedro Soler - Jon S
Aquarelle on canvas. 65x54 cm

900 euro

Pedro Soler - Lidia
Aquarelle on canvas.  81x65 cm
1200 euros

Pedro Soler - Desnudo 'Nude'
Aquarelle on canvas.  100x81 cm
On exhibition

Pedro Soler - Mujer sentada 'Women seated' 
Aquarelle on canvas. 100x81 cm
Price on request

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