Santiago Calatrava, Benimámet -Valencia - 1951, architect, engineer and designer. Among the awards and recognitions he has received, highlights include the Prize Prince of Asturias of the Arts, the National Prize of Architecture and the European Prize of Architecture. Santiago Calatrava has offices in New York, Doha and Zurich, and has built an infinity of buildings: the Stadelhofen Railway Station in Zurich, the Bac de Roda Bridge in Barcelona​​ the Lusitania Bridge in Mérida, the Alamillo in Sevilla, the 9 de Octubre Bridge in Valencia, the Tenerife Auditorium, the Montjuich Communications Tower in Barcelona, ​​the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, the World Trade Centre Transportation Hub in New York, etc.

Santiago Calatrava's divan

In addition to being an architect, Santiago Calatrava's work as a designer is also widely known. Below you will find the divan designed by Santiago Calatrava available in a limited edition of 50, made of chromed steel, fiberglass and natural leather.

Santiago Calatrava furniture couch modern
Santiago Calatrava - Diván 'Espada'
Chromed steel, fiberglass and leather
 Series number 10/50
Price on request

Santiago Calatrava diván sofá de diseño edición limitada

Santiago Calatrava diván sofá de diseño edición limitada

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