Erotic artist and with a strong sexual content, Sento Masiá not only limits himself to portraying parts of the naked female form with great realism and an impeccable technique, but also adds to them elements that invite reflection and frame the works in Surrealism. With more than 40 exhibitions to his credit, Sento Masiá is a provocative painter that must be understood within the framework of the sexual liberation of post-Franco Spain. These are the works by Sento Masià available at Gaudifond Arte.

Sento Masiá cuadro pecho desnudo arte
Sento Masiá - Módulo humano 'Human module'
Acrylic on canvas. 100x81 cm
1200 euros
Sento Masiá cuadro desnudo arte
Sento Masiá - Nu
Acrylic on canvas. 150x100 cm
1500 euros

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