Baldomero Galofre was an extremely well-known Catalan painter, a disciple of Ramón Martí Alsina, a follower of Mariano Fortuny, and one of the most outstanding representatives of Catalan costumbrism. Baldomero Galofre exhibited his works around Spain, Europe and Buenos Aires on an infinity of occasions, with the most famous of these exhibitions being the one held in Barcelona in 1884. The posthumous exhibitions dedicated to Galofre that have continued to be held regularly 115 years after his death are also renowned. Galofre's main works are in the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, the Museum of Modern Art in Madrid, several foreign museums and numerous private collections. This is the marina by Baldomero Galofré for sale on Gaudifond Arte.

Baldomero Galofré Jiménez arte paisaje marinero
Baldomero Galofre - Marine
Oil on canvas. 12x22 cm
600 euros

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