A trajectory of 50 years is a testament to the talent of the Italian painter Massimo Marchesotti, whose Kokoschka-style contemporary expressionist work has been exhibited in New York, Barcelona, ​​Sydney, Italy, Portugal, France and Denmark. Marchesotti's paintings are part of numerous public and private collections, have won international awards, and the artist has been invited to countless artistic galas and events. These are the expressionist and contemporary paintings by Massimo Marchesotti that are available on Gaudifond Arte.
Massimo Marchesotti pintura al óleo
Massimo Marchesotti - Cespuglio giallo e nuvole nera 'Yellow bush and black cloud'
Oil on canvas. 40x50 cm
1500 euro

Massimo Marchesotti pintura al óleo
Massimo Marchesotti - Un mattino felic 'Happy mornings'
Oil on canvas. 70x50 cm
Price on request

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