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Cerámica Shipibo amazonas uyacali
Colección Ucayali

We present a very complete collection of the highly renowned Amazonian UCAYALI ceramics, a collection that has already travelled across several European countries. Some of these pieces are exhibited in the best ethnographic museums in the world. The Shipibo-Conibo ceramics are considered to be one of the most impressive from amongst those produced by the Amazonian indigenous peoples. Not only are their handcrafting and forms admirable but, and above all else, only women know how to execute the multitudes of geometric patterns. The motifs of these ceramics have been sculpted, woven, painted, or embroidered by the Shipibo people over the centuries: from the beams of dwellings, the interior of woven sheets used for roofs, canoes, oars, hunting weapons, kitchen utensils, the woven garments of men and women, and even the people's faces, legs and arms. The combination of motifs and designs is infinite and each artist can innovate at their own discretion. Below you will find the Shipibo-Conibo ceramics on sale on Gaudifond Arte and the ceramics catalogue for the Uyacali collection.

Below you will find the Shipibo-Conibo ceramics for sale at Gaudifond Arte as well as the ceramics catalogue from the Ucayali collection


Colección Ucayali
Catálogo de cerámicas

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