Profound, dreamlike and reflective, the surrealist works by Alfons Oliver Ferrer combine diverse figures with animals, portraits and elements of the human body. With great movement and strength, the paintings by Alfons Oliver Ferrer have been exhibited around Spain and in several European countries. Full of metaphors and symbols, his Surrealist images go hand in hand with an elegant and worked technique that, although the canvas is left with no negative space, do not saturate or overwhelm the image. Below you can see the Surrealist works by Alfons Oliver Ferrer for sale on Gaudifond Arte.

Alfons Oliver Ferrer obra de arte surrealista
Alfons Oliver Ferrer - Retrato Vegetal 'Vegetal Portrait'
Acrylic on tablex. 32x39 cm
550 euro

Alfons Oliver Ferrer pintura surrealista
Alfons Oliver Ferrer - Manos 'Hands'
Acrylic on tablex. 61x50 cm
800 euro

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