In 1990, 250 prints by the Uruguayan artist Antonio Andivero were selected by NASA to travel on the Discovery space shuttle on the occasion of the launch of the Hubble telescope. Andivero also drew the CD cover for the Huygens probe, which, carried by the spacecraft Cassini, was deposited on Titan in 2004, the largest of Saturn's satellites. The Cubist and abstract work by Antonio Andivero have been exhibited around the United States, Canada, France, Tokyo, Spain and across different countries in Latin America, besides being present in many official and private collections in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Italy, Israel, Spain and France. Below you can see the abstract drawings by Antonio Andivero for sale on Gaudifond Arte.

Antonio Andivero collage dibujo pájaro
Antonio Andivero - Bird
Collage. 35x33 cm
250 euro

Antonio Andivero dibujo a tinta figurativo
Antonio Andivero - Silent image
Ink drawing. 29x25 cm
250 euro

Antonio Andivero dibujo a tinta negra
Antonio Andivero - The time
Ink drawing. 33x47 cm
350 euro

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