Relatively unknown, Joan González was an artist of the generation of Matisse whose premature death deprived him of the fame obtained by his younger brother Julio González, considered as the founder of modern sculpture, or his friend Picasso, who was traumatized by this event. Joan González was an excellent sketcher of the Belle Époque times and a student of the renowned School of Paris. Historical documents, full of grace, romantic, beautiful and fluctuating, the exquisite black and white drawings of Joan González  portray one of the golden eras of art: that of Toulouse-Lautrec and the Bohemia. Praised the day after his death by the great Uruguayan painter Torres García, Joan González left some drawings with field and city scenes, characters and self-portraits, as well as paintings and sculptures, present in the Louvre Museum and in the National Art Museum of Catalonia. These are the original drawings by Joan González for sale at Gaudifond Arte.

Joan González arte belle epoque
Joan González - In the opera
Conté pencil and Chinese ink on paper. 32x22 cm
Price on request
Joan González arte belle epoque
Joan González - Madame
 Chinese ink on paper. 32x22 cmPrice on request


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