A number of the sculptures by Soledad Galiardo are based on the torso, in which the tactile and the corporeal have a sound presence. Another part is of a surprisingly rhythmic lightness, where the small-scale sculptures seem to take on an air of being immense by incorporating air and space into their design. These works convey situations that achieve great expressive beauty and balance. Colour is also a fundamental element of Galiardo's work, the turquoise, the green tones and the yellow tones outline the silhouettes that she creates through a casting technique in which she mixes rust with fire. These are Soledad Galiardo's sculptures for sale on Gaudifond Arte.

Soledad Galiardo escultura móvil hierro turquesa mujer
Soledad Galiardo - Perspectiva de reflexiones 'Perspective of reflections'
Mixed technique.
165x25x22 cm
1200 euros

Soledad Galiardo escultura torso bronce pecho mujer
Soledad Galiardo - Abierta a los cuatro vientos 'Open to the four winds'
Bronze sculpture. 42x25x20 cm
Price on request

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