Hortensia Nuñez Ladeveze is one of the most important women Spanish sculptors. The artistic environment from which her sculpture arises, is marked by the recovery of the artistic Spanish Avant-garde in the 1960's with, in Madrid, Ferrant and Ferreira; in Barcelona, Serra; in the Basque Country,  Oteiza and Chillida; in Valencia, the Parpalló group; and in Córdoba, the Equipo 57. The curvatures and ruptures in the bronze sculptures of Nuñez Ladeveze are elegant, which, starting from the post-impressionists, passing through the fauves, and reaching the symbolists and modernists, includes reminiscences of black art and cubism. This is the bronze sculpture Hortensia Nuñez Ladeveze for sale at Gaudifond Arte.

Hortensia Núñez Ladeveze Escultura de bronze arte contemporáneo
Hortensia Núñez Ladeveze - Untitled
Bronze sculpture. 47x31x25 cm

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