Glauco Capozzoli: Drawings

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Glauco Capozzoli: Drawings

Glauco Capozzoli, was one of the most talented Latin American painters of the last century. the exquisite refinement of his classic and Renaissance style is combined with brilliant Surrealism and a great delicacy in his impeccable drawing. The predominance of nudes and portraits in Capozzoli's paintings, lithographs and drawings do not prevent him from reinventing himself with each work, employing different themes and new ideas that prevent repetition. With more than seventy exhibitions around the world and works in several museums, this is a sample of the drawings and watercolour paintings by Glauco Capozzoli

Glauco Capozzoli - Maternidad
Ink Drawing. 38x29 cm
450 euro

Glauco Capozzoli - Encajonada
 Drawing. 57x38 cm
600 euro

Glauco Capozzoli - Joven con flores
Mixed technique Ink&Watercolour drawing. 57x48 cm
600 euro

Glauco Capozzoli - Figura-Estudio
Ink Drawing. 45x60 cm
600 euro

Glauco Capozzoli - Desnuda azul
Drawing. 73x51 cm
600 euro

Glauco Capozzoli - Desnudo con sábana 
Mixed technique Ink&pastel drawing. 81x60 cm
1000 euro

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