The variety of styles and themes incorporated into the landscape genre is enormous. Classic or realistic paintings, Impressionist or Surrealist, with bright colours that convey warmth, or in muted tones that invite us to reflect, landscapes in summer or winter, from distant or familiar countries, depicting common or rather atypical scenes, mountains or seas, cities or countryside landscapes, void of human presence or featuring crowds of people... You can view our list below, updated periodically, of artists of different nationalities with original landscape works with prices to suit every budget.

Pintura paisajes en venta Maria Teresa Berrios
BERRIOS, María Teresa
Pintura paisajes en venta Baldomero Galofré
GALOFRÉ, Baldomero

Pintura paisajes en venta Emiliano García Tur
GARCIA TUR, Emiliano
Pintura paisajes en venta Joan Más
MÁS, Joan
Pintura paisajes en venta Joan Gil
GIL, Joan

Pintura paisajes en venta Juan Navarro Ramón
Pintura paisajes en venta Eustaquio Sergelles
SEGRELLES, Eustaquio

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