The genre of still life painting has been around since antiquity, adorning the interiors of well-to-do family homes and the tombs in Egypt, Greece or Rome. Discoveries of mural paintings and mosaics have been made that show a great variety of food, fruits, flowers and animals, placed there in the hope that these would become real in the afterlife, ready for the dead to make use of them. The still life genre was to attain great relevance in the 16th Century in Baroque painting, and today remains one of the most representative genres of modern painting. Below you will find a list of international artists whose still life paintings and their original works can be purchased on Gaudifond Arte, at process to suit every budget.

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Maria Teresa Berrios pintura arte bodegón
BERRIOS, María Teresa
Lafitte pintura arte flores bodegón
Capozzoli artista uruguayo pintura bodegón

Joan Mas pintura arte flores bodegón
MÁS, Joan
Willy Ramos pintura arte bodegón
RAMOS, Willy
Navarro Ramón pintura arte bodegón

SABILLÓN, Gregorio
Isidro Vintura pintura arte bodegón

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