Manuel Viola: Abstract painting

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Manuel Viola: Abstract painting

Along with Saura, Millares, Pablo Serrano, Canogar and Chirino, Manuel Viola was a member of the famous Spanish avant-garde art group "El Paso". Without shifting from informalism or abstract expressionism, Manuel Viola recovers certain historical values ​​like the chiaroscuro and the Spanish Tenebrism, which he contemporises through his paintings. Manuel Viola's abstract paintings seem to be a struggle in search of light, in the darkness, between light and shadow. A kind of ambiguity appears on Viola's canvases in the form of imagined landscapes and implied characters that contribute to enrich his vision with a certain poetic spirit, a vision of a lyrical world.

Manuel Viola - Rayo de luz
Offset numbered and signed in pencil.. 73x56 cm
90 euro
Manuel Viola pintura abstracta tela gris claro
Manuel Viola - Tela gris claro 
Oil on canvas. 61x38 cm 
1600 euro

Manuel Viola - Abstracción
Oil on canvas. 81x65 cm
2700 euro

Manuel Viola - Raíces de la noche
Oil on canvas. 70x95 cm
3200 euro

Manuel Viola pintura abstracta
Manuel Viola - Tarde de toros
Oil on canvas. 77x110 cm
Price on request

Manuel Viola pintura abstracta
Manuel Viola - Fragua I 'Forge I'
Oil on canvas. 150x75 cm

Price on request

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