Gervasio Gallardo is one of the most talented painters of the second half of the last century. Known for his blend of Surrealist art and Magical Realism, Gallardo uniquely combines both styles with his precise and elegant stroke. His works, of seemingly inexhaustible ideas, often contain a social criticism or satire full of humour and a profusion of details, and have earned him numerous international awards. His body of work has featured in more than forty collective and individual exhibitions, and he also works illustrating a large number of magazines, such as Ballantines Books, and books by famous authors like Lovecraft, Beagle, Chesterton, Dunsany or Crawford. This is a sample of the Surrealist litographs and drawings by Gervasio Gallardo for sale at Gaudifond Arte.

Gervasio Gallardo litografía surrealista mujer caracol
Gervasio Gallardo: Camarera 'The maiden'
Lithograph. 49x29 cm
120 euros

Gervasio Gallardo litografía surrealista flores peces
Gervasio Gallardo: Jarrón de flores 'Vase of flowers'
Lithography. 49x29 cm
120 euro

Gervasio Gallardo dibujo surrealista caracol luz mujer hombre
Gervasio Gallardo: Bombilla y caracol 'Light bulb and snail'
Drawing. 34x28 cm
500 euro

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