Since his exhibition at Sotheby's, the Spanish artist Alberto Pancorbo has gained worldwide fame. With his elegant and excellently drawn Surrealist works, in true René Magritte style, Alberto Pancorbo dominates all aspects of painting and nothing seems to scare him: figures, animals, objects, portraits appear in his works, without him apparently running out of ideas and themes. These are the lithographs by Alberto Pancorbo for sale at Gaudifond Arte.

Alberto Pancorbo - Espalda encadenada 'Chained back'
Lithographs. 49x29 cm
90 euro

Alberto Pancorbo - Eleonor 
Lithograph. 49x29 cm
90 euro

Alberto Pancorbo litografía desnudo
Alberto Pancorbo - Momentos añorados 'Missed moments'
Lithograph. 70x100 cm
120 euro

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