Angels, space and celestial worlds feature in works by the Catalan artist José Canes Solé. Trained at the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts e Paris, the artist from Barcelona is renowned for his lithographs, etchings and drawings exhibited across Europe and South America. These are the naive lithographs by José Canes Solé for sale on Gaudifond Arte.

José Caes Solé litografía ángel celestial con trompeta
José Canes Solé - Ángeles 'Angels'
Lithograph. 70x51 cm

100 euros 
José Caes Solé litografía juicio final ángel
José Canes Solé - L’esprit souffle où il veut
Lithograph. 66x50 cm

100 euros 
José Caes Solé litografía angeles
José Canes Solé - Encuentro 'The meeting'
Lithograph. 57x76 cm

100 euro

José Caes Solé dibujo ángel
José Canes Solé - Encuentro 'Meet me,'
Drawing. 64x50 cm

200 euros

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