The artist from Granada, José Quero, was a painter, engraver, and academic. His paintings are hanging in museums throughout Spain -including the Reina Sofía museum-, Italy and Argentina. Among his most distinguished clients was the actor Henry Fonda. A virtuoso of painting techniques, José Quero’s baroque work is always sharp and has surprising optical precision. The dissections of shapes and the perspectives of the paintings, as well as the luminosity and the volume, are important elements of José Quero's work. The machines and ducts that run through his work portray such vivid reality that they seem as though they are outside of the work's surface. At the same time, we he features taut or relaxed filaments that form curtains of transparency, allowing the underlying background to come through. The chromatic unity of works by José Quero is always determined by a single colour scheme, where continuous research on shapes and images are obstinately repeated. This is the original abstract work by José Quero that is for sale on Gaudifond Arte.

José Quero arte pintura óleo arte expresionismo abstracto
José Quero - Vela 'Candle'
 Oil on canvas. 100x100 cm
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