Juan José Montans was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Recognised for his talent at only fourteen years old, he exhibited individually for the first time at seventeen, had his first work hung in a museum at eighteen, and at nineteen, he received a scholarship to study in the United State with teachers like Joseph Hirsch, Mario Cooper and John Pike. Still active today, throughout his long artistic career Juan José Montans has received more than twenty international awards and his Surrealist work is present in collections in Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Spain, United States, France, Holland, England, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Switzerland, and Venezuela. Below you will find the Surrealist lithographs by the Uruguayan artist Juan Montans for sale on Gaudifond Arte.

Juan Montans litografía desnudo
Juan Montans - The wind,  'El viento'
Lithograph. 70x50 cm
120 euro

Juan Montans litografía naturaleza muerta
Juan Montans - Still life with pears and bottles, 'Naturaleza muerta con peras y botellas'
Lithograph.  56x65 cm
120 euro

Juan Montans litografía pianista
Juan Montans - Pianist of the sea, 'Pianista del mar'
Lithograph. 54x47 cm
120 euro

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