With more than thirty exhibitions of his paintings across Spain and in several Latin American countries, the painter Ramón Lopez Morelló is, however, even more well known for his murals that adorn churches, libraries and universities in Spain, Central and South America. A talented artist, Ramón Lopez Morelló trained in France and soon afterwards joined the company belonging to the founder of the Russian ballet as a draftsman at the age of sixteen. A tireless traveller and prolific creator, these are the works by Ramón Lopez Morelló available on Gaudifond Arte.

Ramón Lopez Morelló pintura tradicional muerte toros
Ramón Lopez Morelló - Hoy la muerte va a los toros 'Today death goes to the bulls'
Oil on canvas. 94x73 cm
1500 euro

Ramón López Morelló pintura óleo oriental
Ramón Lopez Morelló - Oriental
Oil on canvas. 73x94 cm
1500 euro

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