The Surrealist paintings by the artist from Aragon, Teresa Ramón, are recognised for the sheer amount of research on materials and techniques they have warranted as well as their narratives full of symbolism, close to the mythological and cosmogenic universe. Her work, delicate and profound, has been featured in exhibitions in various countries and continents, and has been reviewed in prestigious publications, winning several awards. Below you will find the Expressionist and Surrealist works by Teresa Ramón on sale at Gaudifond Arte.

Teresa Ramón - Frutas 'Fruits'
Oil on hardboard. 41x33 cm
500 euro
Teresa Ramón - Bodegón natural 'Natural space'
Oil on hardboard. 92x73 cm
800 euro

Teresa Ramón pintura al óleo
Teresa Ramón - Mujeres en la tienda de paraguas 'Ladies'
Oil on canvas. 61x50 cm

1200 euro

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