Dolores Nuñez - Surrealist painting

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Dolores Nuñez - Surrealist painting

It is difficult to remain indifferent to the delicacy of the strokes in the works by Dolores Nuñez. An Andalusian artist, her Surrealistic and detailed paintings exude style and sensitivity, creating a world classified as Magical Realism. Dolores Nuñez is a renowned painter whose works continue to be sold and exhibited around the world. Her work has featured in more than sixty exhibitions in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Latin America, Miami, New York, California and even in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Below you will find paintings by Dolores Nuñez for sale on Gaudifond Arte.

Dolores Nuñez - Abrochándose el camisón
Óleo sobre lienzo. 31x39

1100 euro

Dolores Nuñez - Manzanas y telas Oil on canvas. 61x50 cm
1400 euro

Dolores Nuñez - Desarmada 
Oil on canvas. 108x88 cm
Price on request

Dolores Núñez arte surrealista retrato figurativo mujeres sábanas
Dolores Nuñez - Déjame soñar
Oil on canvas. 161x130 cm
Price on request

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